The best DeFi wallet.

The most advanced Wallet for DAI stablecoin with multiple DeFi investment.

  • WiniWallet
  • WiniWallet
All in one

Send, receive, hold and invest

Send DAI

Observe the price of DAI in your local currency and send money to your contacts to any country in the world.

Receive DAI

Receive money from anywhere in the world instantly, in the most cheapest and safest way.

Frequent contacts

Save your frequent contacts to send them DAI in the most easiest and fastest way.

Transactions details

You can see the details of your transactions and share them with anyone you want.

Transactions history

Your transaction cards allow you to quickly search and see when and to whom you sent money.

Top up with QR codes

You can top-up your Wini at our associated stores distributed all over the world by paying in cash.

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